Winter by Dan Grace

In the aftermath of an anarchic uprising, a group of revolutionaries flee London for the north, coming to terms with the violent loss of their companions, battling with illness and a new way of life.

In the forests of the Scottish borders, they meet Mikhail, a Ukrainian immigrant in touch with powers they can scarcely believe. But is he all he seems? Because the snows are coming, the seasons turn, and the laws of the cities mean little to the woods.

In Dan Grace’s debut novella a violent future of the failed Union meets the mythic and pagan past. As man reaps the harvest of war, utopian hopes vie with apocalyptic fears. Winter sets in.

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Dan Grace lives with his partner and son in Sheffield. When he isn't writing he works as a librarian and is studying (very slowly...) towards a PhD examining the role of libraries in building a commons-based community resilience. You can follow him on Tumblr ( or Twitter (@deeronthecurve).


'Novellas can be perfect moments, freed from the burdens of explanations and exposition, and Winter creates an uncomfortably recognisable dystopia in few words. It's written so well that it needs nothing more to give us the possibility of surprise and self-revelation wrapped within a snowstorm, and a future that feels far too real.'
Den of Geek, Best Books of 2016

'Winter is a poetically written meditation on the possibilities of a revolution to come It’s well-researched, intriguingly imagined, and it blends the worlds of the occult and mysterious with the political and revolutionary in surprising and colourful ways.'
The Contemporary Small Press

'An auspicious debut for the Unsung Signals line of short novellas. At the outset, it seems to be a tale of a near-future England under a dystopic and violent collapse… but Dan Grace weaves in English mythology in a way that transforms the tale from something ordinary into something surprising. The best part is that while it can (and perhaps should) be read in a sitting, it continues to rattle around in the reader’s brain long after that single sitting – and gives me high hopes for both Grace’s career and the next-arriving Unsung Signal.'
Raging Biblioholism

'The wintery forests of Scotland are a great atmospheric setting for this dystopian story and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. Intriguing and original, Winter is a great little-ish read.'
Bookshelf Butterfly

'Secrecy and a growing sense of horror cannot be brushed away any easier than the continuously falling snow...'

'Grace makes use of this freedom to give some passages a sense of poetry, to not spell things out but simply offer lines of suggestion such as what the green man is, or whether humanity’s fall, from a civilisation about to reach the stars, signifies failure or simply a change in direction, a chance to recognise old things stirring again.'
Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine

'This novel feels snowy, silent… and very dangerous.'

'I was hooked immediately by the premise of Winter.'
On Starships & Dragonwings

'This book is as much an experience as a story, one that reaches inside the reader, as unsettling and chilling as that epic Scottish winter. It is a wonderful debut on a fine new imprint.'
Shoreline of Infinity

Winter ePub
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ePub ISBN: 978-1-907389-14-6
Publication date: 22 February 2016
Format: ePub and mobi