The Bearer of Grievances by Joseph McKinley

Introducing Defurion, the first FDA approved memory transplantation system. Defurion uses patented nanotechnology to gently identify and remove your angriest memories. Defurion is knife and pain free and has been approved for adolescents and adults – Shāshǔyào Pharmaceuticals, helping you get even since 2043. 

Welcome to the future, where technology has saved us all. Drones delivering peanuts, exosuits to make you strong but leave you weak, your house AI powered by hydrogen cells in the basement, digital therapists charging by the minute. Careful with the paperwork though, things have got complicated. 

Don’t get angry, let the Bearer of Grievances take revenge for you. This revolutionary system is tamper-proof guaranteed to ensure retribution for those who most deserve it. 

Let technology set you free.

Across eight blackly comic stories, The Bearer of Grievances peels back the layers of Shāshǔyào Pharmaceuticals and what they have done to the human race. Where there’s a form to fill for everything, where sleeping until you hit management is the career choice, where genetically engineered super-bureaucrats run the world from their secret mountain.

In the second release from Unsung Signals, Joseph McKinley probes the warped ramblings of faceless netizens and with a caustic wit imagines: What if the trolls ran the world? For fans of Douglas Adams, Terry Gilliam and William S. Burroughs.

about joseph

Joseph McKinley works deep in the bowels of an educational institution. Much like the nameless protagonists of any number of Russian short stories and novels, he is all but invisible, save for his irritability, which is stellar in its incandescence.


I must admit I enjoyed this collection of short stories by Joseph McKinley. They are thought-provoking but interesting in their own right. Well worth a read.

If you like unnerving sci-fi or dystopian depictions of the future then this is a short and snappy read that is actually quite thought-provoking. Once again, Unsung Signals has introduced something a little weird, a little dark yet very entertaining.
Bookshelf Butterfly

The recurrent theme is one of man becoming critically reliant on technology at the expense of contact with others humans.

ePub ISBN: 978-1-907389-21-4
Publication date: 04 April 2016
Format: ePub and mobi