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Deus Ex Arca and what makes it great

This is an intellectual love letter. Some stories are good. Some are great, and when I say great I mean that staggering kind of great that makes you want to read it again immediately, and then emulate it as best you can. One such example of the latter is Deus Ex Arca by Desirina Boskovich

The trend is nigh: What your apocalypse means

Let’s face it, all of us love a good story about the end of the world. We all had that bittersweet buzz the first time we saw Alderaan explode where we were sad about the tragic death of millions but also, dude, that’s a really big laser… But what does it say about us with how it ends?

Hypertext fiction: Instant Mess & Device 6

Hypertext fiction is one of those things that hasn’t ever really hit the common consciousness. In fact it seems that more discussion of the material than material itself exists at the moment. This is strange because we’re all so completely inured to the concept by using the internet every single day. However, despite this examples of non-linear narratives that really make the most of digital formats are few and far between.