Submissions re-opening on 29th January

Unsung Stories will be re-opening submissions for one month between 29th January and 26th February 2018. You can find our submission guidelines on the site. We will publish instructions on how to submit on the 29th.

As always, we are interested in receiving submissions form all writers, including those without agents. We've seen some truly incredible writing come from writers without representation - and yes, we've published it as well. The traditional routes to market aren't perfect, so we want to offer an alternative.

BAME writers, we need you!

We are also very, very, very keen to hear from BAME writers in the UK - British-born, naturalised, resident, whatever. There are issues with these groups being under-represented in the market, and that means we're missing out on stories told from certain perspectives. It means we're limited in how much of our collective imagination we're exploring. It means there's a whole selection of great stories we haven't read.

We want to help do something about that. But in order for that to happen, you need to send us your writing! So please, please do that. Things should be, and could be better. Let's improve things together.