Treasure Chester - where to find us at FantasyCon 2018

It’s not long now until the good people of Chester begin to furrow their brows and say, who are all these people, and why do they keep telling me to check out Joel Lane?

Unsung will be there, propping up the bar like the publisher cliche depended on it. We’ll also be representing on panels and readings. 

We’re also selling books at the BFS stall so make sure to pop by there and see our new and shiny things. 

You can catch George here:

3:30pm Friday, Panel room 2 - A panel on crowdfunding in publishing with Shona Kinsella and Allen Stroud. (He’ll be diving straight off a train, so score cards ready for that graceful landing)

8:30pm Friday, Panel Room 2 - The Shadow Booth. He’s reading a new short story about the murky depths of stock photo libraries, along with Mark Morris, Gary Budden and Timothy J. Jarvis.

9pm Saturday, Panel Room 2 - Editing anthologies panel. Along with Teika Bellamy (Moderator), Francesca T Barbini, Colleen Anderson and Noel Chidwick we’ll be discussing how to wrangle the highest number of cats per project there is in publishing.  

11am Sunday, The Jubilee Room - The 2019 launch! We’re launching This Dreaming Isle, Aliya Whiteley’s The Loosening Skin and Peter Hayne’s The Willow by Your Side. Readings, signings, books and hangovers! 

You can catch Peter Haynes here:

9:30am Sunday, Panel Room 2 - Getting started in genre fiction. Peter talks first steps as an author, with Steven Poore, Rachel McLean, G. V. Anderson and Tasha Suri.

You can catch Dan Coxon here:

6pm Friday, The Jubilee Room - Dan is reading at the Eibonvale launch of the Humangerie anthology

8:30pm Friday, Panel Room 2 - Dan is master of ceremonies for The Shadow Booth!

11am Saturday, The Disraeli - Ian ‘might be a Coxon’ Steadman is reading alongside horror titan Ramsey Campbell

10pm Saturday, Panel Room 4 - The New Terrors panel features Dan, Nina Allan, Tade Thompson and Rio Youers. It’s a late time but it’ll be a lively panel for sure!


Last, but by all means most, we’ll be at the British Fantasy Awards ceremony. We’re up for the best anthology for 2084, the best collection for Malcolm Devlin’s You Will Grow Into Them and best indie publisher. Which is entirely mad, really.

Come along and find out if I get to wibble in front of a very large group of all my peers...