Unsung Live 8

On 4th April, we returned, with old friends and new, to the Star of Kings for Unsung Live. This 8th instalment took place on the birthdays of an impressive set of people, including Dan Simmons, Maya Angelou and Andrei Tarkovsky. It was also the day Winston Smith starts his diary in George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, for anyone following our Kickstarter for 2084.

Our first reader was Tim Jarvis, author of The Wanderer, with an intricate and gruesome tale of shrikes and towers of bone accessible in the streets of Luton.

Next up was Verity Holloway, author of Pseudotooth, with a heady tale of opium, temptation and mystical stones. 

Third up was Nick Wood, author of the BSFA-nominated Azanian Bridges, with his story from Fox Spirit's African Monsters collection, telling us about the Tokoloshe, and how some little girls come to become young women.

Finally we had Catherine Webb (AKA Claire North) reading stage notes from an super-villain's production team. Suffice to say, let's be glad she uses her power for good, because if she ever turns bad we know she'll be running a tight ship!

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