Announcing 2084: A science fiction anthology inspired by Orwell

You know that thing where a publisher goes about something in complete silence, not telling a soul, and then suddenly springs a new book that looks just so damn tasty that you have to click on the cover and find out what it’s all about?

Introducing the very first anthology from Unsung Stories: 2084. We're launching this on Kickstarter so you can get all the information, and details on how to get your copy, there.

This anthology gathers together some big names in science fiction and asks them to do what George Orwell in 1948 - look into our future and tell us what they see. These are writers already known for their near-future predictions. Writers who have already set to divining our future world, and the dangers it may present us.

Now it seemed like a good idea when we first had it, but after the last six months we've all had? Well... It'd be an alternative fact if we told you we planned it this way, because the truth is that we need dystopian fiction now, perhaps more than ever. We're staring down the barrel of Idiocracy, flapping at the trigger just out of reach. The Orwellian nightmare is becoming a useful model for understanding our actual world.

So we thought it was time to start looking beyond all this. To the conclusions. To what comes after. To the things we should be thinking about in the here and now.

The anthology features new and exclusive stories from:

  • Christopher Priest (author of The Prestige, The Gradual and many more)

  • Lavie Tidhar (author of A Man Lies Dreaming, Osama and Central Station)

  • Jeff Noon (author of Vurt, Automated Alice, Pollen and many more)

  • Dave Hutchinson (author of The Fractured Europe Sequence)
  • James Smythe (author of The Australia Trilogy and The Anomaly Quartet)

  • Anne Charnock (author of Sleeping Embers of an Ordinary Mind and A Calculated Life)

  • Aliya Whiteley (author of The Beauty and The Arrival of Missives)

  • Cassandra Khaw (author of Hammers on Bone)

  • Oliver Langmead (author of Metronome and Dark Star)
  • Desirina Boskovich

  • Ian Hocking (author of Deja Vu)

It's a cornucopia of dystopias, that includes flooded cities, drone surveillance, a logical conclusion of Netflix, Doge, rollercoasters (literal, not figurative!) and - of course - a referendum. 

Kickstarter means special treats as well, like an exclusive Kickstarter-only cover, prints of the artwork, Unsung bundles and more.

You can pledge to secure your copy over at Kickstarter.