Bearer of good news!

Unsung Signals continues at full speed with our second release, The Bearer of Grievances – a dystopian, blackly comic satire of bureaucracy and technology run riot. 

In Joseph McKinley’s world, drones deliver peanuts, exosuits to make you strong but leave you weak and digital therapists charge by the minute. Careful with the paperwork though, things have got complicated. 

Across eight interlinked stories, The Bearer of Grievances examines what’s in store for the human race. There’s a form to fill for everything, sleeping until you hit management is the career choice and genetically engineered super-bureaucrats run the world from their secret mountain.

Joseph McKinley probes the warped ramblings of faceless netizens and with a caustic wit imagines: What if the trolls ran the world? 

This is definitely one for fans of Douglas Adams, Terry Gilliam and William S. Burroughs.

The Bearer of Grievances is released 4th April 2016 for Kindle and eReaders. Make sure to sign up to our newsletter here to keep to to date with all our upcoming Unsung Signals releases.