How to launch a book: An illustrated guide

Cast your mind back, dear internet, to the long-gone time of 20th March: the expectation, the excitement, the solar eclipse that you'll have to take Norway’s word for. Okay, maybe it’s too soon for those painful memories. However, 20th March hosted something other than an overcast solar eclipse; it was also day that Unsung Stories teamed up with Blackwell's High Holborn to launch Oliver Langmead's Dark Star.

Our first guests began to arrive at 6pm. Cue mingling, chatter and my blurred outline rushing to replenish wine glasses, serve sandwiches and give out goody tube tokens. 

“Goody tubes?” more than one invitee asked “what the hell is that, and why would I want one?”

Goody tubes are the next step in the evolution of the humble goody bag! Set to take the party world by storm, they are the contents of a goody bag placed into a tube to better preserve the Dark Star cover poster we included. The Dark Star themed treats in tubes went down well, with customised matches, candy cigarettes, glow sticks and Unsung Stories badges proving to be a worthy thank you to everyone who attended.

We were also very lucky to have been given beers by the wonderfully named (no bias here) Dark Star Brewery. With the beers on ice, the wine flowing and the grazers grazing, the main event began.

After an introduction from our MD Henry Dillon, talented author chap Oliver Langmead read an extract of Dark Star. Oliver’s oratory skills were enrapturing as he introduced an absorbed audience to the dark city of Vox.

The reading was followed by a lively Q&A, with questions put forward by our managing editor, George, as well as taken from members of the audience. We'll have audio of that up in the near future so you can hear it all yourself.

Special mention goes to the team at Blackwell’s Holborn, who set up a beautiful display featuring copies of Dark Star which was, to our delight, ruined over the course of the evening by audience members eager to get a copy. Much signing of books and tidying later, all that was left was for all to hit the pub.

Thanks to Gary and Robyn at Blackwell’s Holborn for saving our launch from prospective homelessness. and Dark Star Brewery for providing us with aptly named alcohol.

You can buy Dark Star from Unsung and