Dark Star Shining: From concept to cover

In case you missed it, we revealed the rather gorgeous cover artwork for Oliver Langmead's Dark Star recently. This time round we were lucky enough to find Colombian artist, Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor

We wanted to do something a bit more with the artwork this time though, and give you an insight into how the illustration was created. To go from text to illustration is a tough process. Finding a single image to encapsulate an entire book requires a lot of thought.

Cover artwork is absolutely critical: It is the very first part of your relationship with a book. The really great ones stick with you long after you finish reading. There's nothing quite like a beautiful book, for us. And if we're being honest, we want the best we can get here at Unsung. It's just how we are.

So here is a peak under the bonnet of Dark Star, a bit of insight into how us publishers think. Check the gallery below to see how we went from text to cover.