Dark Star Long Listed for Guardian Not the Booker prize

We're super chuffed to tell you that Dark Star by Oliver Langmead is on the long list for the Guardian Not the Booker prize.

The award itself is pretty humble - unlike the £50k that the Man Booker prize winner will get - the winner of Not the Booker will get a Guardian mug. Meh! Money - so vulgar!

Seriously though, what we've all enjoyed most is seeing lots of people come out of the woodwork to write kind words about Dark Star. These aren't reviewers or industry celebs but true readers. Which is great because the short list is decided by reader votes. If you have 2 mins it would be great to get your vote. It's pretty simple to do but the rules are quite specific:

  • If you've read Dark Star and enjoyed it then I'd urge you to vote. Read on!
  • If you haven't read it then you can download an free sample here - and then come back!

How to vote

  1. You must vote for TWO books from the long list, from TWO different publishers.
  2. You can only vote by submitting a comment to this Guardian article however, your comment must include a short review (about 100 words is fine) for at least one of your chosen books - of which hopefully Dark Star will be one!
  3. For your vote to count you need to do this by Sunday 2 August 23:39 BST. Which is really soon (only 96 hours away as I type this!). 

It would mean a tremendous amount to Oliver and everyone else at Unsung if you could take a few mins to do this now. Thanks for your help.