Dark Star: Blog tour

In case you missed it, we are publishing Dark Star by Oliver Langmead on 10th March. We plan on talking about Dark Star a lot because it is simply brilliant - science fantasy, hardboiled crime and epic verse. Yes, you read that right.

To celebrate the publication we have put together a blog tour featuring guest posts from Langmead and insights into how and why he wrote Dark Star. We're really lucky to have some excellent sites taking part in this. We'll be updating the site with links as soon as the posts go up at www.unsungstories.co.uk/darkstar 

So without any further ado:

Dark Star official blog tour

  • 20th March - SFSignal - What is epic verse?
  • 21st March - Geek Native - Why write epic verse, today?
  • 22nd March - The Cult Den - Poetry that reads like prose
  • 23rd March - Upcoming4me - The story behind Dark Star
  • 24th March - Hive - Interview with Langmead
  • 25th March - Sci-fi Bulletin - Living without light
  • 26th March - Winter Hill - Exclusive extract and commentary
  • 27th March - Benjamin Judge - Author Q&A
  • 28th March - Effing Rainbow - The music that inspired Dark Star
  • 29th March - ReaderDad - Langmead’s influences and exclusive giveaway