Unsung Live - SFF live-lit comes to London

We learned something interesting recently: With all the live-lit and storytelling nights in London, we couldn't find any for science fiction and fantasy. Just imagine that. Really, there was only one sensible thing we could do - start one up. 

We give you Unsung Live, a night of science fiction and fantasy storytelling. We're running the first event next Thursday, 25th June at the Star of Kings, Kings Cross.

Like the best ideas, it's simple: we entice writers them from their writing caves with promises of biscuits and beer, hustle them on stage in front of a microphone and see what happens once they get over the shock. All the stories are going to be a little bit Unsung, so expect sci-fi, fantasy, horror, speculative, strange, exciting, funny, sad, scary, wise - the lot. All the good stuff about speculative fiction.

  • Gary Budgen - Gary grew up and still lives in London. He has had fiction published in anthologies such as Sensorama, Where are We Going?; After the Fall and Fugue and magazines like Interzone, Sein und Werden, Dark Horizons, Morpheus Tales, M-Brane SF, and Theaker's Quarterly. He has an MA in Creative Writing from Middlesex University and is a member of London Clockhouse Writers.  
  • Daniel Carpenter - Daniel has been published on Metazen and The Irish Literary Review. His short fiction has appeared in the Boo Books anthology After the Fall, and has been shortlisted for the Manchester Climate Change Short Story Competition. His non-fiction has been published on Tor Dot Com and Bookmunch, and he tweets @dancarpenter85
  • Ian Hocking - Ian is the author of several books including Déjà Vu, published with Unsung Stories, and several science fiction works. He lives in Canterbury with Britta, three gerbils, and a VW Camper called Penelope.
  • Aliya Whiteley - Aliya is the author of The Beauty, from Unsung Stories which has been shortlisted by the Shirley Jackson and Saboteur Awards and placed on the honours list by the James Tiptree Jr Award. Her short stories appear in too many places to name, including Interzone, Black Static, Unsung Shorts, Sein und Werden, and the Rustblind and Silverbright anthology.

Between them this lot have racked up approaching 200 short story publications, so you should be in for a treat.

Full event details are on our Meetup group here - www.meetup.com/unsung/events/222659759/ - Space is limited so make sure to RSVP to avoid missing out!