Covers, reviewers and Lost Authors

I'd like to take this change to update you on what we’re doing here. There’s been a fair amount of work going on behind the scenes here which will really start coming together in the coming weeks. Rather than dump a whole host of big announcements on you in one go, here’s a taste of what’s to come instead.

Cover reveals

We’ve got our illustrators working away on the cover art for both The Beauty and Déjà Vu, and both promise to be great. If all goes to plan we should have those ready in the next couple of weeks, when you should expect drum rolls, fanfares and general excitement.

As part of our Unsung mission we’ve gone in search of great illustrators who may not have quite the exposure they deserve. So you can expect work from Stuart Patience and Sandro Rybak for our first covers. I hope we can all agree that these two are going to do us proud.

For any illustrators out there, looking for a break - get in touch at

Teasers and reviews

We’ll be getting some teasers and free samples sorted out ahead of publication so you can all get a preview of the books. Aside form the fact that free stuff rocks we are also looking forwards to hooking you, drawing you in. You can thank us later.

We’ve also already got in touch with some reviewers to book in our titles - thank you to all of you love people, you know who you are. We’ll be doing more of that but if you’re a book reviewer, blogger, Goodreads demon or something similar, and you would like to get a go on the titles then let me know:

Unsung’s Sanctuary for Lost Authors

Thanks to Ian Sales, I’ve now heard of a lost science fiction author called Brenda Pearce. There’s not much out there on t’internet about her but Ian offered her as a suggestion for the SF Mistressworks idea.

Seeing this I, being the impulsive underdog-loving type I am, immediately bought some copies of her out of print books. It got me thinking though. How many great authors are we going to lose because their books are out of print?

There’s a closing window of opportunity here, one that we can try and wedge open with Unsung. So this is an open call, broadband transmission - share your favourite unheard-of authors here. I’ll see about reading them and writing posts about them here so we can preserve their work.

Post in the comments, email us, get us on Facebook or Twitter. Time to share our hidden gems, people!