Review roundup: The Beauty

We’ve had a lot of nice people say some very nice things about The Beauty so far. It’s been really great to see so many people getting so into our first titles so this is in part a special thank you to all the people who took the time to write about it. 

In no particular order, here’s a quick look at the kind of things people have been saying:

‘This is a short book with a lot to say, all of it interesting ... Most of all it's about the power of storytelling to preserve our past and shape our future, and so one can see why it would appeal to an imprint called Unsung Stories, on this evidence a name to look out for. The Beauty is intellectual and visceral, frightening and thoughtful, an adventure and a meditation.’
– Stephen Theaker, Interzone #254

‘It’s the sort of book that sticks with you, that makes you want to press it upon your friends so you can have a long argument on a cold night—perhaps over a fire. It’s a difficult book, and a thoughtful book, and one that—if you have any interest whatsoever in the intersections of gender and queerness in SF—you will want to pick up.’
The Future Fire

‘It’s great to see efforts such as Whiteley’s, efforts which effectively focus on gender issues and believe in and understand the power of prose … In The Beauty’s case the small press has delivered more substantial material than the big commercial houses.’

‘…startling and original, daring and considered. The language flows beautifully, a celebration as well as an exploration of the art of storytelling.’
- The Literary Tree

‘Halfway through, I was telling like-minded friends "this is the weirdest thing I've ever read". But as soon as I was finished, I was telling those same like-minded friends "you HAVE to read this" … I was completely floored by this book, and I cannot recommend it enough.’
- The Spine Collector

‘Whiteley’s word choice and structure is superb. Her word craft is exquisite and not something I expected to find when I started reading.’
- By Lulu With Love

‘Whiteley is a prose stylist. Her sentences often have a smoky, psychotropic quality and they can wrap themselves around the base of your brain … The Beauty is eerie, elegiac and haunting. You will never forget it.’
- Rule Set

‘The Beauty is a short piece, and all the more powerful for its brevity. Beautifully written, it’s a disturbing and though-provoking vision of one possible future for mankind … deeply affecting, The Beauty is a wonderfully written piece of post-apocalyptic fiction that you won’t want to put down once you’ve picked it up.’
- Reader Dad

‘It is rare in these nothing-is-shocking seen-it-all-before times that a book can make you think, ‘That is some seriously messed up shit right there, ooh yes that is lovely’ but that is exactly what I thought while reading this novel. I don’t want to lessen the effect for those of you who decide to read it (hint: this should be all of you).
- Bookmunch 

For those who don’t mind swearing or NSFW material you should also check out this review (which is partnered with the most inspired tag cloud of any website today).

We’ve also got Déjà Vu working its way up reviewers TBR piles so more on that in coming weeks.