These people make Unsung Stories possible. Please be upstanding.


George - Publisher

If he hadn't set up Unsung Stories, George would be spending a lot more time writing genre fiction. And probably planning how to start publishing genre fiction. He has an incredible, patient wife, and an impressive capacity for eating gelato.

Dan - Editor

Freelance editor, writer and publisher, Dan joined the team in 2017 and has been directly responsible for some fantastic drops in George's blood pressure. Made of 85% enthusiasm, 8% dad, 12% red biros and 15% George's inability to count things properly.

Editorial freelancers

Olivia Wood

Olivia copy-edited Déjà Vu for us and made it look easy. In such a tightly-plotted book, with time travel mechanics, extra languages and artificial personalities this was no mean feat. She was also a pleasure to work with, introduced us to Fallen London and even had time to write an excellent summary of the editing profession

Anne Zanoni

Anne copy-edited The Beauty and is some kind of grammar ninja. Seriously, she's @ninja_CE. The first email of feedback I had from her had me scrabbling for reference books, slapping my forehead in disbelief and learning all sorts of exciting things. She is full of The Knowledge about genre publishing and the industry in the US. She also struck me as A Wise Person, and that's not something I say very often.

Rob Clark

Amongst other things, Rob copy-edited Dark Star, which was a complex technical exercise for all of us, including the author. Working on epic verse, combined with science fantasy and crime fiction, meant balancing a lot of influences. It also meant working to form; no easy fixes when you're counting syllables!

Dion Winton-Polak

Any editor worth their salt will tell you a book can always be improved. There's always scope to tighten things up, give it a little extra polish, however good it looks. Dion was that editor and the book was You Will Grow Into Them

Momus Editorial

Pseudotooth is a complicated book, in terms of the formatting. Italics, poetry, quotes and the like everywhere. That stuff is never as simple as you think it is. Not that you'll notice at all, of course, because it was licked into shape by the most capable digits of Momus Editorial. 

Katherine Stephen

We're sticklers for detail here, the kind of people who see the curly quote that should have been straight. The good news is, so is Katherine.